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Just click on the links below to access the free Biology and Chemistry revision videos.  These videos are not specific to any course, but they will give you a good understanding of the basic facts.

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Biology Videos

1. Biological molecules
2. Diffusion in Living Cells
3. Enzymes and Digestion
4. Factors affecting photosynthesis
5. Leaf adaptations for photosynthesis
6. Levels of organisation
7. Osmosis and Active Transport
8. Photosynthesis
9. Plant mineral requirements
10. The Human Digestive System
11.feeding relationships

what is ..... Physics videos

1.  Acceleration
2.  Speed and Velocity
3.  Free Fall
4. Reflection
5. Refraction
6. diffraction

A-level Biology Videos

1. Structure and Function of the Kidneys
2. The formation of urine
3. Water regulation in the kidney

Chemistry Videos

1. atomic number, mass number and isotopes
2. atomic structure
3. chemical symbols and simple equations
4. elements, mixtures and compounds
5. evidence for particles
6. relative atomic mass and formula mass
7. separating mixtures
8. states of matter
9. the mole in chemistry
10. the periodic table
11.  reacting masses
12. empirical formulae
13. Valence electrons part 1
14. Valence electrons part 2
15. Acids, alkalis and salt formation
16. reactions of salts
17. types of chemical reactions

Don't forget!  If there's a particular topic that you're having problems with and you want me to make a short revision video going over the key facts, then drop me a line and I'll see what I can do.